MonCake (CAKE)

Name: MonCake Ticker: CAKE Chain: BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) Contract Address: 0x3de53f9c4f6884a0474f527fcd2164af0bb78a80


MonCake is the core token that powers the MonSwap ecosystem.

MonCake token mint mechanism: The amount of tokens minted is based on the total amount in the liquidity pool. This serves purposes:

  1. Ensure the rights of the people who come in later.

  2. Ensure against inflation the $MON token, makes Mon's price growth sustainable.

Earn $Cake from Farms, and Pools, buy $MON on the exchange, then explore its use cases:

  • Stake $MON in Pools to earn free tokens.

  • Stake $CAKE in Pools to earn more $CAKE.

  • Use MON-CAKE, MON-BNB, CAKE-BNB, BUSD-BNB in Farms to earn more $Cake.

How do I convert CAKE to MON?

Here, you can swap CAKE to MON, cash out CAKE and MON tokens and make other multiple transactions.

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