Affiliate Marketing – M2C

Market to Customers (M2C) Business Model

Currently, there are many people who make money from the Internet. From the famous Youtubers and Vloggers in the world such as Pew Die Pie, Smosh to the 7-year-old Ukrainian girl Diana who has ten million followers on social media. They have earned millions of dollars every year. In Vietnam, there are also many successful Youtubers who earned great income from this job.

Another effective strategy of making money is from the affiliate marketing program applied by the world's largest businesses such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. It has helped many people earn thousands of dollars every month. Even the giants like Facebook or Tiktok have also opened many online money-making programs for users.

M2C is Binance's blockchain-based platform that forms a decentralized Web3 as an intermediary that helps businesses easily advertise products and services to millions of customers through an affiliate marketing program. At the same time, M2C also makes it easy for MMOs to earn money by performing simple tasks such as downloading apps, viewing websites, playing games, taking surveys, recommending products or services, or saving money through the Cashback shopping program.

For more specific, M2C is an online money-making platform, where businesses and users both can make money. Businesses will reach many potential customers, while members participate to earn income by spending their efforts to advertise, find customers for businesses.

At M2C, there will be 3 main objects:

  1. Enterprises: The companies that need to advertise and approach potential customers.

  2. Members: People who want to make money online.

  3. M2C: The platform that connects the two above objects.

Cost per order (CPO) is the average amount of MON token that we spend to drive any customer to purchase an NFT in our platform. Cost per acquisition (CPA) is the average amount of MON token that we spend to drive a new customer to purchase a product or service. At the moment, we are spending average $31 for each new user.

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