Roadmap and Updates

Completed Milestones

☑️ Q1,2 - 2021: Research and development of the blockchain ecosystem. Establishment of a dev team, building a blockchain system on BSC platform according to BEP20 standards.

☑️ Q3 - 2021: Begin testing web3 NFTs Marketplace, complete website; create social media, Lite Paper.

☑️ Q4 - 2021: Launch NFTs Marketplace

☑️ Q1 - 2022: Airdrop, Private Sale on IDO/Lauch Token on Pinksale and DxSale. Listing exchanges DEX, CEX. Listing on CMC and Coingecko.

☑️ Q2 - 2022: Launching CryptoPops on

Updated Roadmap

Q2 - 2022:

+ Prebuild M2C (Affiliate marketing platform); + Release the Beta version of Affiliate Marketing and start the test network.

Q3 - 2022:

+ Cryptopops NFT Collection list on Monnfts Marketplace. + Build Monswap with Moncake token.

Q4 - 2022:

+ Launching M2C platform. + Launching Monswap and Staking NFT Pops. + Prebuild Mini Games for play to earn.

Q1 - 2023:

+ Prebuild centric METAVERSE FOR Everyone: NFTs Room, Event Room, Shopping Room. + Launching Mini Games.

Q3 - 2023: Launching centric METAVERSE.

Year 2024

First Quarter — 2024: Improvement In the first quarter of 2024, we are dedicated to improving our Monnfts system and enhancing our Tokenomics. These improvements will set the foundation for the groundbreaking developments we have in store.

Second Quarter — 2024: Marketing and Partnerships Our focus in the second quarter is on marketing and expanding our user base. We are aiming to reach 500,000 users and establishing vital links with museums, galleries, and artists. Furthermore, we are excited to announce our cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, and we’ll be applying for a license to authenticate antiques, organize auctions, NFT auctions, and seek partners in the antique segment.

The third to fourth quarter of 2024: Upgrade the development of the CryptoPops NFT collection on various Blockchain platforms

  1. tofuNFT • BNB Chain

  2. OpenSea • Ethereum

  3. OpenSea • Polygon

  4. tofuNFT • Polygon

  5. Magic Eden • Solana

Year 2025

First Quarter — 2025: Milestone Achievements In early 2025, we aim to achieve significant milestones, including the completion of the CMC affiliate marketing network and reaching 1000 partners and over 100,000 users. These achievements will solidify our presence and impact in the NFT space.

Second Quarter — 2025:

  • Foster development collaboration with Carspa.

  • Debut security tokens with functionalities akin to ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain — CS, aiming to reflect the value of various assets, including silver ETFs, corporate bond ETFs, and stocks. These are collateralized by underlying assets and can be freely transferred between wallets.

Third Quarter — 2025

  • Private Sale, IDO/Launch Token on Pinksale and DxSale.

  • Listing exchanges DEX, CEX.

  • Listing on CMC and Coingecko

Fourth Quarter — 2025:

  • Promote collaboration with PPP_GGI to tokenize health alert features based on blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Globalize the PPP_GGI service.

  • Partner with banks to issue the GGI Visa card.

This roadmap represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey, and together, we will shape the future of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we work tirelessly to make Monnfts a global leader in the world of blockchain and digital assets.

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