Roadmap and Updates

Completed Milestones

Q1,2 - 2021: Research and development of the blockchain ecosystem. Establishment of a dev team, building a blockchain system on BSC platform according to BEP20 standards.
Q3 - 2021: Begin testing web3 NFTs Marketplace, complete website; create social media, Lite Paper.
Q4 - 2021: Launch NFTs Marketplace
Q1 - 2022: Airdrop, Private Sale on IDO/Lauch Token on Pinksale and DxSale. Listing exchanges DEX, CEX. Listing on CMC and Coingecko.
Q2 - 2022: Launching CryptoPops on

Updated Roadmap

Q2 - 2022:

+ Prebuild M2C (Affiliate marketing platform); + Release the Beta version of Affiliate Marketing and start the test network.

Q3 - 2022:

+ Cryptopops NFT Collection list on Monnfts Marketplace. + Build Monswap with Moncake token.

Q4 - 2022:

+ Launching M2C platform. + Launching Monswap and Staking NFT Pops. + Prebuild Mini Games for play to earn.

Q1 - 2023:

+ Prebuild centric METAVERSE FOR Everyone: NFTs Room, Event Room, Shopping Room. + Launching Mini Games.
Q3 - 2023: Launching centric METAVERSE.
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